My Great Idea

or Ideas I Saw Somewhere and Totally Claimed as My Own

A Cookie Sheet Advent Calendar: Painted and ModPodged a $1 cookie sheet. Made the numbers from various ‘found’ objects and from the computer. You can store the numbers on the back. There is supposed to be a calendar grid, but Aviana lost my Sharpie, and it hasn’t turned up yet.

A Book a Day for Advent : All of these are Christmas books. I picked up some at the library sale last summer, some at second hand stores, garage sales, a few from Scholastic and the bookstore: all in all, not a huge investment. When all the packages are open, it will be Christmas.

(Well, maybe; it could be a lot sooner than Christmas when they are all opened due to the fact that Brielle doesn’t totally get the concept of the Christmas countdown, only the opening.)

3 thoughts on “My Great Idea

  1. Jessica,
    Great to see the 24 books idea is still going strong. I did that with the girls when they were younger. Now Kristen just likes to get the books out and read them herself.

  2. What a wonderful idea!! My kids would LOVE this!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog (Confessions of a Karate Mom)! I just love “meeting” new people and I’m really enjoying your blog.

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