My Girls

It’s been kind of a tough morning… I still need to be taking Motrin for my nether lands –a soreness so unique & exquisite, it’s pretty much indescribable; my recomemndation: don’t get an hour’s worth of stitches after you give birth–in fact, don’t rip, tear or be cut in any way. Anyway, I have been so busy today I forgot to take it until lunch, and of course by then, I was in so much pain I couldn’t stand still. Brielle has been either crying or nursing all day with little catnaps here and there. I plannned for a friend with a son the same age as Aviana to come over this morning to entertain her, and while she brought yummy muffins and brownies, I was plumb tuckered out by the time they left. It’s funny, I’m having a good time & don’t want to quit, but then when the activity is over I feel like I could keel over dead. Aviana has been wonderful, but she is a high energy TWO. She’s been in her bed talking to herself for the last hour, and I can’t relax and go to sleep while she is awake, not to mention my FIL picks now to mow our lawn. Grateful for the lawn care, but at naptime? Not so much.

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