My funny and brilliant babies

While at the zoo, I was handing my camera to Tía, and we dropped it. The whole lens cover and shutter snapped off, and was dented a bit. Amazingly, it still takes photos. Even more amazing, Kevin had been wanting to buy me a new, higher quality camera, and just had ordered one the day before!

The next day, I was handing my camera to Aviana. We almost replicated the accident, but she grabbed hold of the cord in the nick of time.

I said, “Nice catch!”

She said, ” I caught it better than Tía did!”
Brielle will pant, and point to the door. She wants to go outside to see Roscoe. Pretty amazing huh?

Aviana came up to me, hugged my knees, sighed and said, “I dist need some mudder time!”

When I picked up my new glasses, we parked at the library across the street and walked over. Aviana made everyone in the place laugh when she said, out of nowhere, “Mama, I might get tired walking back to the library. I think you might have to carry me.”

Brielle likes nothing better than to “organize” my tupperware drawer. She will even pull out a container, find the matching lid, set the lid on top of the container, and hand it to me. I think this is simply wonderful!

Kevin was settling in to read to Aviana.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, by Bill Martin, Jr. Do you know what else he wrote?”

Thoughtful pause by Aviana. “Chitta, Chitta Boom A-Boom!”

We’re in awe! She’s right, you know.
To see her read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, go here.

While having a little snuggle, Aviana cupped my face with her hands, and said, “Oh Mama, I’m so dwad Dod dave you to me!”


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