My evening–I know you’ll be jealous

We moved our chicks out of our basement into their new home last night. Here you can see them in their Huggies box transport, my dad waiting for the chick caravan and the chicks getting acclimated after being unceremoniously dumped out. They don’t stay little long! Kind of like little girls.

After popping the girls in bed, I’m sitting at my computer updating yesterday’s post, when my mom says, “You have cows wandering around in your driveway!” Never a good thing. I’m putting on my tennis shoes and simultaneously calling Kevin.

Who doesn’t answer his phone. I know he was just finishing up planting his field and figured I was calling to see what time he’d be home. Sometimes it’s easier to ignore me than to have that conversation.

My parents were here too, but weren’t quite sure how best to handle 11 cows and their calves wandering around in our windbreak, still with baby trees, and a fortunately yet to be planted field.

Too bad, because then I had to call the in-laws. They know what to do, but my father-in-law gets confused a lot lately (early stages of the big A), so I wasn’t sure how much help he would be. The cows were out in the first place because he had left the gate down when he went into the pasture unnecessarily earlier in the day.

So after a lot of explaining through way too many needless and annoying interruptions and questions and a lot of walking/jogging/waddling (on my part), and Kevin showing up in the nick of time to hop on the four wheeler, no damage was done and everyone was back where they needed to be.

Being outside for that long in all the dust was not good. I had an asthma attack and using the inhaler always makes me jittery and hyped up.

We watched a wonderfully scary –and very well done–movie which besides just being enjoyable to watch was a welcome distraction from the kazillion Braxton-Hicks I kept having ALL NIGHT.

See? I knew you’d be jealous.

4 thoughts on “My evening–I know you’ll be jealous

  1. I do hope you feel better soon. One of my girls use to suffer with Asthma (thankfully she outgrew it). I know that alone is enough to wear you out-without cows, in-laws, chickens, planting, baby on the way…and just life.

  2. Totally jealous!
    Your night sounded a lot more exciting then mine – putting pan after pan away in my kitchen. At least the boxes are all empty now – in the kitchen that is. 🙂 Let’s not get too wild and crazy!

    I have heard many stories from my grandparents, of their cows getting out – and like you said, it’s never a good thing.

    Glad you found a distraction from the Braxton Hicks. I don’t miss having those one bit!


  3. My son would have loved that! He is fascinated with cows right now.

    I am feeling for you about the contractions! Hope they calm down soon! I think that movie would have made mine worse- lol.

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