My Brielle

She is a corker all right.

She painted a beautiful picture.

Then laid it on the cream colored living room rug to dry. I didn’t realize until later, she had completely painted BOTH sides of her paper!

I told her probably more sternly than necessary that she couldn’t lay her painting on the carpet. After many tiring attempts of arguing, she finally took it into the kitchen to hang it up to dry on our artline.

Or so I thought.

As it turns out, she innocently (doesn’t she look innocent?) laid the very wet painting on the kitchen floor, carefully selected my only good tea towel
made for me by a lovely Etsy artiste, and “dried the painting.”

Leaving me with paint all over the living room carpet, the linoleum, my daughter, and my tea towel.

*shakes her head wondering when that incredibly smart child’s brain is actually going to kick in*

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