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I present to you one of the most helpful tools I’ve ever used. Of course, like everything you see here, it’s an idea I read about somewhere and implemented as my own.

This is an ordinary index card box, for 3×5 cards.
Within, are card dividers, labeled 1-30, the days of the week, and daily. Every morning when I have my quiet time I pull out that date’s, that day’s and the daily.

Behind each date is a prayer for my husband from Power of a Praying Wife–(one of my goals is to get Power of Praying Parent and put those prayers in here too)–along with a couple of inspirational verses.
Then I go to the day of the week. I read or write the verses I have tucked back there over and over again. I’m working on memorization, but they are ones I already pretty much know, so I don’t have to go over them every day; it’s kind of like review.

I also have a goal here of putting prayers here as I have heard of some people doing, like prayer for our leaders on Mondays, prayers for family on Tuesdays… This is a work in progress.

Daily is my current passage I’m memorizing, and prayers I want to be sure to do every day.

Just a simple system–I think it may be Tim LaHaye I have to thank for it–but it sure does work well for me.

7 thoughts on “My Box

  1. Thank you for the inspiration to do something like this! I have all of the verses that I have or am memorizing on a metal ring with my brightly colored 3×5 cards thereon.

    Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. This is a great tip. We use a similar system for our scripture memory, but our box doesn’t include prayer items… I read The Power of a Praying Wife a few years ago and have always meant to put some of the prayers on notecards… thanks for the encouragement!

    Amy Ellen at

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