My Book Year in Review

BOOKS. Books and more books!

I love to read. I started keeping track of what I read a few years ago when I started keeping a planner, and I am loving it! Here is a peek of my book year in review.
Book Goal:100

Book Total:105
(and several half done which weren’t worth finishing. My life philosophy is that it’s too short for mediocre books. I rarely finish a book I would rate less than three stars.)

Five Star Fiction:

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Five Star Nonfiction:

My Average GoodReadsRating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

(That’s because I rarely finish a three star or fewer book)

Most popular book I read:
I re-read the Harry Potter series every October. This year I included the kids. It takes me a LOT longer to read aloud. I had them finish the last few on Audible.

Least Popular Book I read:

Book with the fewest pages: with 142

Book with the most pages: with 985

Highest Rated: (Good Reads average of 4.8 stars)

PopSugar Reading Challenge: finished all the prompts, including the advanced, except for “a book containing a heist” I finally finished in January.

Books that took place in Iowa: 3

Audiobooks or ones I read aloud: 6

Most books read in one month: 15 in July

Fewest books read in one month: 6 in June

Books on Kindle or Libby: 46

Murders: definitely more than 100

Goals for next year-Undecided

The average CEO reads 60 books a year so that may be my goal.  My goal of 100 this year was a HUGE challenge. Aiming for almost 2 books a week was hard with my busy life, but  I just wanted to see if I could do it!  Now that I know I can, I will likely back off so I can devote more time to writing (or watching Netflix. )

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