**What would be good punishment for a tree? Like one that totally punched out my tail light and smooshed up my bumper?

**Gonna sew a new diaper bag because I can’t even zip the one I have. I need to figure out what pockets I need to sew on the lining and divider. Any thoughts?
Current Contents:
several size 1 diapers
change of clothes for Denton
several size 4 diapers
nursing cover
baby blanket
assorted pens
changing pad
warm footie socks in case I go to someone’s house w/ cold floors
Seriously, that’s all I can think of that’s in that thing–why won’t the bag zip? Here’s the bag I plan to attempt. It’s from Anna Maria Horner’s book Handmade Beginnings.
**I’m considering making my first quilt, also from this fabulous book.
**Denton’s basically 11 pounds. 1 month old. Awesome. He smiled at me on his one month birthday. I was thrilled.
**Especially because I had mastitis, and was super duper sick and pretty much was sure I was going to die. Prayer and antibiotics have done the trick to bring me back from the brink.
**I have since learned that in some cases, royal jelly can be used in lieu of antibiotics. Biotic means “life”–anti “life” is just not that encouraging. I hate that I am on antibiotics.
**Is it a coincidence that mastitis has the word “tit” in it?
**Yesterday Grandma had the girls, so the boys and I went to church and then made a relatively quick stop at Target. When Aviana was two and Brielle was my baby, I thought, “Wow! Super store with two kids; what a chore, what a challenge, what an arduous undertaking!”. Now, with a two year old and my baby being half of what I would normally take to the store, I think, “WOW! Super store with two kids; what leisure, what liberty, what a profligate privilege!”

6 thoughts on “Mundanity

  1. Isn't amazing how perspective changes the more kids one has… even dropping down one kid creates a sense of lightness! 🙂

    I never got mastitis while nursing my kids but I was well on the way there a couple times. Even then, I was in agony. I'm so thankful that you are on the road to recovery.

    Sorry about your car. That tree needs a good spankin'.

  2. Omg, isn't mastitis the worst thing EVER? I got it AFTER I'd given up on nursing my daughter…and I wanted to die. My then-husband thought I was faking it, because all I could do was lie on the couch, moan, and shiver. Awful. Hope you're feeling better!

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