Mrs. Farmer’s Busy Days

Yesterday we met Dan Wardell (a hilarious and high energy storyteller from Iowa Public Television) at the library.
Rumor has it he even wears his cape to Target when he’s not working.

Aviana loved his antics.

Other people, not so much.

After some technical difficulties with my camera, we finally got a semi-decent picture.
We were home for an hour and I left the kids with my mom to go to my arch nemesis: the dentist. I tried yet another new dentist. This time, I liked them. After 11 years of searching, and complaining, I have a dentist in my area. I no longer hate the dentist. As a bonus, my teeth are super slick.

I got home for an hour and went to Bible study. It was great, as usual. Then I got to stand in the parking lot and chat with my friend unhindered by small people. That was super great.

Busy Day.

Today I’m home all day, but with six kids. It’s been really fun for my children to play with their cousins.

Different. But still, a Busy Day.

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