Mother’s Day

Four Generations of Women: my mom Georgann AKA Gigi, my sister Leah AKA Tia, her daughter Ella, me, Grandma, Aviana, Brielle, and my other niece Cora

We went to church. This simple statement doesn’t even begin to sum up the craziness of getting three small children fed, dressed, combed and pottied and out the door by 8 a.m. while your husband is doing chores.

I got through the singing before I got paged from the nursery.. Cadrian had to be changed into a new onsie. After wiping him down top to bottom and nursing him, the sermon was over, and it was time for my nephew’s dedication.

But then I got paged for Brielle. She was telling the child care worker emphatically, that only MAMA can take her to the potty, to get out of the bathroom, and had been in the bathroom for nearly 10 minutes.

I asked her, “Were you being mouthy?” Big jovial grin. YES! I walked back into the sanctuary just in time to see Eli’s dedication.
To celebrate Mother’s Day, Eli’s Dedication and my grandma’s 86th birthday, we all (well, Kevin went home to plant) went to a state park for a picnic. And then a short “hike”.

We relaxed in the lodge for a while.
After bidding adieu to my loved ones, we went home. Even though it was three o’clock, knowing that Kevin would be putting in another long day made it seem like a lo-o-o-o-ng time until bedtime…

But we managed to find ways to entertain ourselves.

Hope you had a wonderful day too!

9 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. How great is that that you have 4 generations of women. Sounds like for the most part it was a nice day ;). What a special celebration you had too. Mother’s day, a dedication, and a birthday. Too bad hubby had so much work to do. Nice to see that he was able to take a little break though and join you for part of the day.

  2. Happy Mother's Day! Great pics and it looks like you had a good day…despite the normal mother stuff! And I do know how you feel on Sunday ams because Justin goes into church early & I'm left to get the rest of us up and fed and dressed.

  3. getting the crew out the door and looking nice on sunday is one of my biggest challenges.. esp on days when scott has to leave early and it is just me. sorry that was the case for you on mothers day. glad you had some great family time though. awesome group shots!!

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