Motherhood is not good for my self-esteem

Aviana: You know why I’m just sitting here not doing anything?
Me: Why?
Aviana: I’m practicing to be a mama.

Aviana: Mama, what’s plump?
Me: It means just a little fat.
Aviana: Oh, like you?
Aviana and Brielle were arguing whether or not balloons were made of paper or plastic. Usually, I just let them work it out, but Miss A was not being kind to her sister. I entered in the fray by contending they were made of neither.

Aviana was not about to concede her position, but finally after much patient (on my part) back and forth, she gave up, saying, “Fine. You can’t teach a Sneetch.”

What? Am I a Sneetch in this little scenario?

Bless her little innocent heart; she means well. It just doesn’t come out that way sometimes.

8 thoughts on “Motherhood is not good for my self-esteem

  1. Ah, thats what little boys are for….just wait ….Cadrian will soon be telling you that you are the most beautiful girl and he cant wait to marry you!

    I know of what I speak!!!

  2. Oh my goodness. I can empathize. A long time ago my lil' man started moving some toys around…I asked him what he was doing and he replied, "I'm arranging things, like you do. That's what Mommas do, they arrange things." Man, I guess my job looks really easy to him!!! 🙂

  3. Hilarious! Ezra said to my grandma the other day, who is thankfully hard of hearing, "Hey Granny, look, I've got a BIG belly like you do! See?" Then he proceeds to bloat his belly and stick it out as much as possible. He thought he was being so sweet…she's always saying she's got a big belly.

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