Mother Blessing

I’m planning a mother blessing (some say Blessingway, but please don’t call it that.) for a dear friend and am thinking about birth–babies–blessings…I’m getting so excited.

I hope tomorrow will be as meaningful and wonderful as I am striving towards.
I’ll give you a sneak peek (identifying details changed, of course)

(Isn’t that the sweetest baby bummie ever?–It’s Aviana’s, who just lost her third tooth today; one of her top front ones which definitely makes it look like I’m saying farewell to that baby forever…)

I love bellies and babies and birth (and words that start with B) (and parentheses, apparently). I have a dream of someday being a midwife.
Right now with four small children and one of them very attached (to the breast) is not the stage of life when I am feeling like I can begin that journey, but I love being around expecting women and supporting them, watching their glow and inner growth as they bring a new soul into the world.
In Spanish, one of the ways to say “give birth” is dar la luz, which literally translated into English is “to give light.”

2 thoughts on “Mother Blessing

  1. I love it! I had the most lovely Blessing when pregnant with Opal and am planning one now for the dear friend who hosted mine. It's such a beautiful way to acknowledge the mother and the pregnancy.

  2. My little profile pic was taken at my Blessing! Everyone took a turn doing some henna on my belly and they all brought a bead to make a birthing necklace for me. 🙂

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