More MO Vacation

Three of us got new hair; we went to Lambert’s –Home of the Throwed Rolls; started on our little sewing project; went to a story hour, which compared to ours at home was super lame, though the library was super huge and fantab, and did a lot of hanging out.

I’ll have to make links later, because I can’t seem to do it from this computer.

I’m fighting off a migraine (and I think I’m winning). I’m going to pack up our hotel suite and pack the van, and we are heading up to St. Louis today. We’re going to The Magic House, and then locating a hotel with SOFT beds!

Tomorrow we’re stopping off at my cousin’s for a visit and then heading home.

3 thoughts on “More MO Vacation

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lamberts!! I miss their rolls! We use to live close to Southeast MO. I hope while in st.l you get a chance to go to the science center. The girls would love it! The botanical gardens are so great too and then you need to eat on The Hill and then…and then…can you tell I’m homesick?

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