More Bits and Pieces

*So the other day when Brielle threw up all night? That was just the beginning. Kevin had a go Thursday night, and it was Aviana’s turn yesterday. We were at the playground when it all started. At a school. With ‘rubber mulch’ as a ground cover. Which means so no rocks or wood mulch to cover it up. All we had in the car were a few fast food restaurant napkins. I felt kinda bad just leaving her pile of throw up in the middle of the playground, but Kevin pointed out that it would be gone by Monday when the children are back.

And this is why:

We made it home without further incident–well, to the driveway. And,– this is really gross–, as I’m holding Aviana so she can vomit onto the driveway, Roscoe (the farm dog) and Zoozoo (one of the cats) are right there as if we are giving them a special treat! GROSS GROSS GROSS! I’m sure there are dogs near the school too.

I finally got to bed a little after midnight, with no more trouble from Aviana. Too bad Brielle woke up inexplicably at 4:30. And stayed up. For at least an hour.

*Aviana seems fine today.

*We’ve been able to spend a majority of the day out of doors today, despite the infernal wind. It’s beyond nice to see some green things (even if it is mostly crab grass!)

*Kevin made a super duper cool zipline for the girls–they need to get a bit older before they can do it independently. But they had a great time sliding for as long as Kevin’s arms held out!

* We did some ironing of crayon shavings (wax for X), cutting and pasting, painting and listening to our new favorite website of classic children stories. My kiddlets are still being read to, but I am free to do something else, like post!

*I love reading people’s Day in the Life posts–I found a great bunch of them here. I have one written out with pictures to go with it from this fall. It was Monday of the week Aviana got appendicitis, so I never actually got around to posting it, but it’s still on my to-do list! I try to keep a minute by minute Day in the Life a couple of times a year, because it’s so interesting to look back and see how drastically things have changed.

*Currently reading: Framework for Understanding Poverty and Wicked
The poverty book is amazing. I never knew there was so much behind poverty in general–like a whole different way to tell a story, like speech in general, like jail being a completely acceptable way of life. I had always been a ‘quit having babies in junior high, get off your bum and get a job” kind of thinker.

Wicked so far is ok. It’s sort of crass. I’m interested to see where it’s going, but I enjoyed reading the original Wizard of Oz much better.

*Now we have to get changed for church. I love having a Saturday service. I still have to teach preschool/Kindergarten Sunday school tomorrow, but at least we don’t have to get the whole family out the door.

4 thoughts on “More Bits and Pieces

  1. Yeah, I agree, that was pretty gross. Your title even!! 😉 Judah threw up last Saturday night – VERY random. He was happy as a clam afterwards and never gave us another ounce of trouble. How weird is that?!
    Glad everyone is back to normal

    That zipline sounds awesome! What lucky girls and boy you have!

    I’d love to see something green…. sigh. Soon! (I hope, anyways!)


    I want to see that baby belly!! It’s been too long 🙂 ok- it just feels like it.

  2. Oh Andie, that’s too funny! I thought about putting “-literally” after the title, but I didn’t know if the pun would be lost…I guess it wasn’t!

  3. Where did you get those huge bottles of paint?!?!?! I just have tiny ones and they’re almost gone!

    I loved making wax ironings when I was younger! I should remember to do that tomorrow with Elaina.

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