Montessori Monday

I don’t know if this is officially a Montessori activity or not, but it seems like it could be. We cleaned several non-shiny pennies using old toothbrushes dipped in a mixture of vinegar and salt. This exercise was great for focus and concentration for both my girls. The 20 month old focused on being careful and not spilling, while the 3 1/2 year old was concentrating on getting the coins as shiny as possible and the science of watching the tarnish dissolve. It kept the older one focused for over a half hour. It also helped the younger one especially with her hand eye coordination.

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6 thoughts on “Montessori Monday

  1. Hi Jessica –

    Loved the pictures – I love to see kids concentrating. It doesn’t have to be “official” Montessori – you definitely created a Montessori approach that brought out the best in your little ones.

    Thanks for sharing!

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