Mon, Nov 14, 20055:45 PMToday at the grocery store, she kept pointing out the funny hat the meat man had on- signing “hat” and “silly”, then covering up her mouth with her hand, scrunching up her nose and giggling gleefully. I tell ya, this kid is a hoot!Thu, Nov 17, 20058:00 AMBeing the type of person who is always cold, I always have socks and slippers on while in our drafty old farm house. I am always foisting socks and slippers on others as I’m sure they’re feet are as cold as mine. Today however I was being a little wild and crazy and admiring my pedicure (painted ‘I’m not really a waitress’ by OPI ~ LOVE their color names!). Not really, I just hadn’t gotten around to putting on socks and was not yet suffering from the usual hypothermia. Along comes little Miss Aviana, carrying a pair of my socks that she had gotten out of the hamper. She proceeded to put one sock on top of each of my feet, patting them gently, looking at me earnestly all the while!

Tue, Nov 22, 20057:44 AMAviana came toddling into the kitchen carrying 1/2 of a six pack of 24 ounce bottles of my soda of choice (she’s pretty strong!-almost like wonder baby!). They were all attached by the plastic connectors. I was in the middle of something else & so I took them apart, thanked her, handed her back the plastic, and put the sodas in the refrigerator. The next thing I know, she is over by the trash, trying to open the trash drawer, so she can throw the plastic away! Does this not amaze you?! I was very impressed. How did she know that plastic was trash? And how did she know where the trash was? It’s not as if I have taken her on a tour of the house and shown her- here is the trash, here is the cabinet where we keep the breakables, here is the stationary…

Before you get to excited about her cleaning up after herself though, let me tell ya: I just put her down for her nap and I am looking at several little hangers she got out of her closet on the floor of the dining room; her crayons and several large wadded up pieces of newsprint and a shopping bag she didn’t draw on, just crinkled on the living room floor; the cartridges from her Leap Pad haphazardly strewn about every where; several miscellaneous toys, balls, bibs and stuffed animals; a large collection of baby barrettes on the dining room table that I took away from her after she thoroughly dismantled the card they were neatly attached to; and the contents of my travel vanity bag (so travel sized makeup, toothbrush, lotion, eyecream, what have you) deposited in the kitchen and bathroom. K & I picked up and vacuumed this morning. She went down for a nap a little over an hour later. How is this possible??

I wasn’t a good housekeeper before toddler. And now… fuggitaboutit!!
Sun, Nov 27, 20054:00 PMAviana can read to herself now. 🙂 She sat herself down in the beanbag chair (that is really mine, but no matter), opened “Mr Brown can Moo, Can You?” and mooed, hooted, clipclopped and rained all all the appropriate pages. Priceless.

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