Mon, May 31, 200411:12 AMKevin finally has everything planted -there were a LOT of “Duck Days” this month so he couldn’t get into the fields many times. But it’s all in now waiting to gestate (or germinate depending on how correct you want to be 🙂 )

I went down to my parents for Memorial Day. My grandparents and aunt Barb were there as well as Cory and Bekki. Barb, who was an OB nurse is positive that we are having twins because I so resemble (as Grandpa says) someone who swallowed a watermelon seed. We’ll find out next week I guess because we have to have another ultrasound. Gayle doesn’t think it’s twins, but sometimes it feels like there are several babies in there “wrassling”. I guess he/she is being very vigorous with the feet, knees, elbows, hands and head if there is only one baby.

We played a rousing game of Scattergories which involved the dictionary and several encyclopedias. We like to be very accurate in our game playing!

We went to the Memorial Day service at the cemetary. They honored all of the local WWII vets to go along w/ the memorial that just went up in Washington DC. Better late than never I guess, but 60+ years seems a little excessive to wait for your own memorial. Beauracracy at its best.

Kevin joined us later in the day (just in time for lunch –coincidence??–)which was great because we had had a tussle right before I left. I hate it when we fight. We went for a nice walk & just hung out and relaxed.

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