Mon, Jun 7, 200411:36 AMI have been busy all morning updating this website, finishing up thank you’s, (I don’t know what the etiquette is, but I doubt I have a year like you do with wedding presents) catching up on my correspondence, and I still haven’t done my pilates! I have to go to school today and sign my contract so that will take the rest of the afternoon since it is SO far.

We finally have summer weather! It is in the 80’s once again. I love it, although I do get hotter than usual.

Yesterday was Dad’s birthday so we went home to join him for yummy rhubarb-strawberry pie. We also went to a mini air show at the tiny airport. I learned a lot more about WWII. They truly are the “Greatest Generation”, which is a book I recommend by the way.

My dad is raising money for the fight against cancer by promising his beard and ponytail if we can raise $1250 by Saturday. He only has $250 to go! I’m quite thrilled because I have never seen him without the beard! Nor have I seen him with a buzz cut, so this should be interesting.

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