Mon, Jun 28, 20043:49 PMI haven’t been up to too much- other than rapidly outgrowing my maternity clothes! So besides forming a couple of million cells each day, I’m taking it pretty easy.

Our baby can now see in the womb- I’m not too sure she has a “womb with a view” however. Her eyebrows and eyelashes are completed and her arms and legs are now proportioned with her head. She can dream- maybe about more strawberry shortcake?- and she sleeps and wakes with regular intervals. She is also getting fatter and fatter- She weighs in at about 4 pounds- so this other 21 pounds I’ve gained is all blood, amniotic fluid and placenta, right? RIGHT??

I’m having weird dreams- for instance the other night I dreamed that we wanted to look at her so badly that we cut out a “pocket”, pulled her out & started to gaze at her fertively looking around the whole time because we knew she wasn’t “done” yet, & didn’t want to get in trouble. Then when she started to get fussy, we slid her back in & my skin closed up like in a Terminator movie!

We had a wonderful shower given to us by dear friends yesterday. We played “Baby Scattergories” which was absolutely hilarious, and then “Baby Memory”. You had to make matches, like “first steps” & find where on the game board the other “first steps” was. If you made a match, you got a ‘related’ candy bar- like if you matched the two “first steps”, you got a tootsie roll for baby’s tootsies. If you matched “first laugh” it was a snickers, for the laughter. If you matched “grandparents”, you got lifesavers- ‘cuz they are. It was such a clever game! Our homegroup and family were almost all there, so it was a winsome combination and we thoroughly enjoyed the day.

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