Mon, Jul 25, 20051:56 AMI think I experienced baby birthday party hangover today. We had a wonderful weekend and a fun party with most of our loved ones there. I think I was so in overdrive most of the weekend that today I couldn’t get out of park.

That little analogy brings me to a ditz story that I thought I would share: Sunday we got up early because Kevin was directing service at church and we had to be there by 8. So I dropped him off at church & mosied over to Target thinking I could definately kill some time there. When I got out to the car after making our purchases, it wouldn’t start. Wouldn’t even turn over. So I think to myself, dead battery; it must be the heat. I call my trusty sister and she & her husband and their girls were on the way to church anyway and so they will come and jump start me. They do and rescue me YAY. We’re all only a little late for church now. Later, I run into my sister and she tactfully wonders if I knew that the car was in DRIVE. It won’t start if it’s in DRIVE. So no dead battery. No need for alarm. Just try to start the car in PARK from now on. Sheesh! Well, in my defense, even Kevin can’t figure out how the car got into drive w/o the key being in it.

I noticed that Aviana is getting fine, blonde hair on her arms, legs and even above her lip. It’s just a little thing, but interesting to note that she never did have body hair and now suddenly she does! Huh.

She’s a smart little cracker too. We just love to watch her figure things out. She is signing like crazy- a lot of them look alike, so the incessent pointing that she does can be very helpful. She used to call every animal a dog, by panting. Now she calls almost every animal, including dogs, but not cats or birds, a horse by “riding”. She LOVE-loved the Belgians at Grant’s Farm. She even recognized horses on the front of the book I am reading, and it’s kind of an artsy picture. I was very impressed.

It’s such a blessing now that she’s older and interactive-unlike those first intermittable months when the most excitment I had all day included a bodily function (hers not mine) 😛

Aviana’s new favorite thing is balloons. She will walk with her walker, play with the balloon, read a book, play with the balloon, eat a little something, play with the balloon, look outside, play with… well you get the idea.

It is really late, and I have got to get to bed. Sweet Baby A will be awake in about 5 hours and I have the feeling that I won’t be. Grrr.Thu, Jul 21, 200510:49 PMShe is a year old now and I have to wonder where the time has gone! I’ve never before experienced when time moved so slowly and so quickly at the same time. I can hardly remember when Aviana was a five pound newborn and yet there have been days when I have wondered if I was going to survive the marathon nursing sessions or if she was EVER going to detatch herself from my arms and explore her world. Now she can climb to the top of the stairs in the time it takes for me to put in a ponytail- She can tell me with motions that she wants to go play with the kitties or swing or look at the fan (yes, it’s pretty exciting around here- let’s play with the fan!) Fortunately we are easily entertained. We can spend hours examining things like mulch or tree bark. (I bring along a book :)) We drop the ball into the water of the wading pool and seemingly never tire of it. There are times when my pants end up down around my ankles because she is trying to climb me while I’m trying to put up my hair. Or I have to turn her and her walker around every 45 seconds because she hasn’t figured that part out yet and runs full tilt into a wall or couch and then pleads loudly for help. I have to put all the plastic storage containers back in the drawer at least once a day. Still it brings fullness to my heart when I watch her smile in her sleep or hear her giggle when we play silly games or feel the heaviness of her head on my shoulder or smell her just bathed sweet self. What could be more important that helping to shape and mold this precious life? Wed, Jul 20, 200512:25 AMThis has been a very busy couple of weeks! ‘member that boat ride that we went on? It was very fun. The next day Aviana and I had some huge bug bites (or so we thought). We thought that we were having an allergic reaction because they were getting bigger & were extremely itchy. It took us well over a week to discover that NO, we had a fungus! Ringworm. Yes that’s right a fungus. At least it’s not really a worm which is what I thought it was. I thought the doctor would have to go into the skin with some tweezers and pull out all these little worms. Gross. I get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it.

We just got back from St. Louis. We had International Reliv Conference in the America’s Center. There were about 6000 people there. It was fabulous and Aviana was very well behaved and napped and everything, which may have been the best part. So that took up most of the weekend. We did get to spend time in the pool in the evening which Aviana adored.

On Sunday we went on a ridiculously hot boat ride on the Mississippi. I don’t know why I was so excited to go on it, since I live on the Mississippi. It was all going pretty well, despite the melting heat, when the blockhead captain blows his horn and wakes up Sweet Baby A from her slumber. And let me tell ya, she is not always so sweet. All she wanted to do was nurse, but it was too hot & we didn’t have a coverup and there were a ton of people in very close quarters, so Kevin and I had to ride the boat seperately so he could take her mind off the boob. That’s all she wants from me sometimes I swear.

The day got much better once we got off that sweltering boat. We hung out in the Arch museum for a while and then went to pick up Kevin’s sister from the airport. We had a hilarious night & ended up going to bed pretty late.

Monday our plans fell through so we ended up at Walmart of all places, went out for dinner with Connie, and went to the library. The librarian was kin to Miss Trunchbull, only better looking. She was very serious about enforcing the rules; which include that if you are going to use the internet, you have to produce I.D., and if you don’t have I.D., you can’t even look over someone’s shoulder. You read correctly, to read over someone’s shoulder, you need to show identification. They don’t just let anyone look up things on the web willy-nilly.

Then Tuesday Connie had to take her cats to the vet and K, A & I went to Grant’s Farm, which is like a mini-zoo. Aviana really liked the animals, but she wasn’t too keen about being in her stroller for the whole time. And it was still very hot. And she puts off an amazing amount of BTU’s for someone who doesn’t even weigh in at 20 pounds. We watched an elephant blow up balloons and “read” and stand on two feet. It was quite entertaining. We saw another animal show that had a macaw who could add and subtract (we couldn’t figure out the “trick” if there was one) among other amazing animal feats.

We got home very late/early morning. And now we have to start thinking about Aviana’s birthday party, which is Saturday. My little girl is going to be one tomorrow. Who would have thought I’d survive?

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