**Before I’m even out of bed, I hear Aviana enthusiastically (and loudly!) proclaim to Dada, “Yay! Today we are doe-ing to Heartstwings! (my Bible study) And tomorrow we’re having a buht party!” (book party)

** Brielle dumps her entire container of toy animals. “Uh-ohh!” She drops or spills anything and says, “Uh-ohh!” It’s pretty endearing, even if I do get tired of the picking up.

**When I went to get Brielle from child care after Heartstrings, she was still wearing her hat. They said she wouldn’t let them take it off her. As soon as I picked her up, she took it off. Some children suck their thumb, some have a special blanket; I guess mine has a “security hat.”

**In the play area at the mall, Aviana climbed into the rocket ship, saying, “I’m doe-in’ to Aunt Bawrb’s. I tan det dere reawwry fast in dis wotet sip. “

Later, I asked her, “How was your trip to Aunt Barb’s?”
She replied, “I didn’t see anyfing dere. Not even Aunt Bawrb.”

** Brielle “helps” by eating cheese
**Aviana, inexplicably attired, stuffs manicotti.

**An invented game resulting in gales of giggles: Aviana puts Brielle’s head under her shirt, and they walk around in circles laughing hysterically until they fall down. Then Brielle says “More! More!” and they do it again. To add to the fun, Aviana is wearing a pair of bundies (panties) as head gear.

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  1. Love your girls… they are precious. Also enjoy all that you do to include them in life and living. You are doing a great job. Thanks for stopping by to visit – while I was visiting YOUR blog… how did you do that?
    I stop by here lots because I love the feet… and the rest of your blog.

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