MO Vacation

We’ve been having so much fun, we can hardly stand it.

It was especially fun this morning when we were searching our hotel room for the van keys for an hour. It was even more fun when Brielle had repeated meltdowns because we won’t let her leave the room by herself and wander the hallways. When she tripped over Cadrian and they both fell over and started screaming? That was the most fun yet! Don’t judge me for laughing; it was pretty funny.
We ARE having a good time here though, despite all the chaos that goes along with life with small children. Kevin heard the car keys jingling around his ankle. They had fallen through the hole in his pocket and were inside the lining of his pants.
Yesterday we went down to Branson and had essentially had the place to ourselves. This is the way to go, as I’m a crowd hater. We went to The Butterfly Palace in the morning. It was wonderful. Structurally and aesthetically, it’s beautifully designed. We enjoyed it all; The Rainforest Critter Center,  the Emerald Mirror Maze, the 3-D movie about a butterfly life cycle was so interesting, and of course, the Butterfly Room with close up views of all kinds of butterflies was the highlight. 
We ate lunch at the Cracker Barrel. Mmmm.
Then we went to The Titanic Museum on the birthday of the only Titanic survivor still living. She was only nine weeks old when the ship went down.  I stuck my hand in water that was the same temperature as the North Atlantic the night of the sinking. For about 20 seconds. Oh. My. Goodness. I cannot imagine being one of the passengers.  We saw a replica of a third class room and a first class room. All sorts of relics were there too, including purses, and dresses. People were appreciably smaller then. Thank the Lord for the good nutrition we have now. 
We were each given a boarding pass at the beginning of our tour, and at the end we found out if our character survived. 
They also had some movie memorabilia, including Rose’s purple hat and suit she wore in the opening scene, and the burgundy ‘jump’ dress. I love the costumes in that movie. I love the movie in general but–and this is a little off topic–can you imagine standing on a street watching two people inside a car make love? That’s essentially what you are doing if you watch that scene in the movie.
I love learning about the Titanic; one of my favorite ESL unit I did was on the Titanic, and we kind of had to rush through since the girls were nap-needy, but I still learned a lot at the museum.  
I think part of why it fascinates me so much is it seems as if the tragedy of so many lives lost was completely avoidable, if the men in charge were not so pompous, and if the divisive system of “class” hadn’t been so prevalent. 
Today we are having an at home day. Hopefully the girls will wake up in much better humor, and not so prone to tearful drama and whining. I’m going to go get a Nick Arujo-type makeover at my aunt’s salon while Kevin and Cadrian go to Bass Pro. 
Then we’re (Aunt Barb, Grandma-who has laryngitis-the girls and my cousin Tyler) all going to meet up and go bowling.
Ta Ta For Now

10 thoughts on “MO Vacation

  1. Sounds like fun! You’re not too far from me!! Branson is legendary down here; a bunch of girls in my sorority house take a trip there every semester! That titanic museum sounds awesome… so interesting.

  2. Hope you really enjoy the trip…despite the difficulties with the young ones sounds like you’re learning and having a good time! It looks like a blizzard here today. Any more snow there?

  3. What a great vacation!! I mean…. the memories you have made already! Wow! 😉

    I just watched The Titanic two weekends ago for the FIRST time ever. I cried.

    Hope you had fun bowling!


  4. You’re having quite an eventful trip! I love Cracker Barrel….and Titanic too. Too bad my hubby never wants to go to Branson. I always cry when I watch that movie. Reminds me of Travis and I for some strange reason.

    Keep having fun!

  5. That titanic place sounds fabulous. Brielle was fascinated by the titanic’s story when she was homeschooling and spent a good amount of time absorbing all she could- she loved the movie too of course, but we always had to be right there to skip over that very scene you are talking about. It seems so unnecessary- would such a moving THREE HOUR movie be less emotionally touching if they had cut that 1 smut scene? It was kind of like selling out to stick it in- I think. Going to follow the link to the museum…

  6. That is great that you were able to check out the Titantic Museum. I had no idea that such a thing even existed. How fun!

    Continue to enjoy your trip. Hope the girls get the rest that the need. Always tough to travel with tired kids. 🙂


  7. I have always been fascinated by the Titanic, too, but refused to watch the movie. Why would I when I know almost everybody will die at the end and it will make me cry! No, thanks, give me an Indiana Jones anytime!

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