Missouri Vacation

We left at 4 a.m. yesterday morning. The drive went well; especially considering the girls did NOT fall back asleep in the van as we had hoped. We stopped only a couple of times, and broke up just a bit of bickering. I was really impressed with my cherubs.

We arrived at my aunt’s home about one o’clock. Brielle slept for about an hour in the car. Kevin lay down with Aviana in hopes of getting her a nap in as well, but she didn’t comply for quite some time. She finally fell asleep (following her Dada’s good example), for about an hour too.
After some wonderful chatting, and a delicious ham dinner, we went to our “suite” at the hotel.
WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! The room was fine, but not for our needs at all. The dividing wall between our part and the girls’ part didn’t go all the way to the ceiling and the wall was only halfway across the room. 
Much shenanigans and ballyhoo occurred, but Brielle finally crashed a bit after 8, an hour after her regular bedtime. Little Miss Aviana on the other hand, kept herself awake until almost 11! I couldn’t believe it. Our room was on the first floor, so despite the “black out curtains” which were barely grey out curtains, the lights everywhere, were terribly disturbing. I did not sleep much at all.
Kevin had already done a little scouting with other hotels in the area. It’s the off season, so rooms are easy to come by. We found a room across the street and it’s twice the size. Our room has a door we can shut, and the girls have a pull out couch instead of bunk beds. Kevin is most excited because the breakfast has meat! Best of all, we get it for the same price.
Today we switched out the rooms, went to my grandma’s Episcopal church–we go to a very contemporary church with about 600 attendees on our campus per weekend–her church had one other child in the nursery and was literally one of the ‘oldest’ most traditional services I’ve been to,–and made wonderful football themed food.
Now everyone is pestering me, because it’s time to go back to the hotel to unwind before bed. Obviously, I don’t want to leave.
 I’ll post pictures if I can figure out how to do that on Aunt Barb’s Macbook. I tell you what, after using this, I think I’ll be campaigning for one.

3 thoughts on “Missouri Vacation

  1. Sounds like a fun trip. Our family is at the point that we will need two rooms if we all want to make it home alive!!! Enjoy your time away 🙂

  2. Blogging while on vacation…very impressive. Your commitment is amazing!

    My husband and I have used a similar tactic when you vacation. Leave early or late in the hopes that the kids will sleep. Why doesn’t it always work?

    Hope you continue to enjoy your time with your family!


  3. I’m glad to know you survived the trip down! It is a tough one! Too bad the children didn’t sleep. Hmmm…must be related to their mama! Glad you enjoyed G’ma’s church. Isn’t is cool how there is a church for everyone, to help us best connect with God? As for the Macbook, my learning curve is too steep. The whole time I used it, I kept thinking, I know how to do this on my PC. The laptop would be nice, however! We’ve missed you all already! Give hugs all around for me!

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