To sum up the week so far:
Monday–three hour drive for the visitation and an overnight at my grandmas. Stopped at the oldest schoolhouse in Iowa, built in 1830–only 20 years before my house! Beautiful scenery on the way there, we don’t have as much timber in this part of the state, so the fall colors aren’t as pronounced. Up several times in the night even though the girls were asleep! Weird.

Tuesday–the funeral. They sat my sister and I and our five children ages 4,3,2,1, and 11 months in the front row. I was mortified, but no one else seemed to be bothered by all the toddler action. Luncheon, nice visits with relatives. Three hour drive back home.

Wednesday–cleaned up, photographer here to take pictures for a feature I’m doing for Country magazine, horribly cold and windy and she kept the girls outside for way too long. Shopping trip and a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, then dinner at a steakhouse.

Today–Pajama Day, at least until 3. Am amazed that one can not even tell the house was spotless yesterday!!!
Worked on the Christmas cards I’m making and our Christmas letter. Class at a nutritionist’s. In front of all the other moms and the instructor, after the video on healthy snacks had just cautioned us, Aviana pipes up clear as a bell, “They said NOT to give us milk or juice in sippy cups, but you DO give us milk and juice in sippy cups!” She paused for a second. “But that’s ok, because I like it that way!” My kid ratted me out!

Out for pizza for dinner.

3 thoughts on “MIA

  1. What kind of article? How interesting. And why do they say not to give milk in a sippy. Man would Trevor make a huge mess!

    By the way… I have the job. Unofficially anyway. I don’t have a start date yet and it will be at least 90 days or so

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog… you ‘should’ totally steal the 365 idea… after all… I did! 🙂

    It is crazy about the vaccines… here you don’t have to claim anything other than you don’t feel it is right for your child. But with things like that passing in other states there is sure to be a following in other states shortly.

    have a great weekend

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