A Meme

My cousin tagged me for 6 Random Things.

1–I’m barefoot. I love to be barefoot. I stay barefoot when I wake up in the morning until my toes are numb and I’m forced to put on socks. When we got our corn burner, I thought I would be able to be barefoot all winter. I was wrong.

2–I may have pink eye. It hurts.

3–I hate to clean the kitchen. I love a clean kitchen. Do you sense a problem?

4–On my bookshelf: A Treasury of Children’s Literature–this is the book from which I am reading onto CD. Learning about the Changing Seasons– super easy science experiments. Authentic Beauty and Authentic Beauty:Going Deeper (the study guide)–Learning to see myself through His eyes. Raising Maidens of Virtue: A study of Feminine Loveliness for Mothers and Daughters. Second Touch–the second book in the A.D. Chronicles by the amazing Thoene duo about the times and life of Jesus Christ. I don’t know why I feel the need to read more than one book at a time. I guess then I can read what I feel like.

5–I’ve had my hair blonde, brunette and redhead. I’ve had it long and short and in between. I don’t have a favorite.

6–I finished two scrapbook layouts last night. I was forced to use a new kind of adhesive. I don’t like it.

I guess I still have journaling to do on the yummy yummy layout…

Doing this meme reminded me that my 101 things is over three years old. Remind me to update that sometime when I’m just sitting around, looking for something to do.

5 thoughts on “A Meme

  1. wow- hat off to you for the scrapbook pages- those are so sweet!

    isn’t it always a bit of a challenge to hang out with other women your age when you stay at home? what in the world did sahm’s do before the internet?!


  2. I am a barefoot girl too. If I could get away with it I’d never wear shoes.

    I loved reading this! How cool that you are making a cd!!

    Oh, and I LOVE the colors of your scrapbooking pages. Pink and bright green together is pretty much perfection, indeed!


  3. LOL- I am sure you have TONS of time when you are just sitting around looking for something to do.

    #4- I also read lots of books at a time. My husband teases me for coming downstairs with a stack to go through.

  4. I love to read interesting things about people-and yours are interesting!

    I go barefoot in the summer-but too cold natured to do it in the winter.

  5. Your scrapping looks fantastic. I always need someone to guide me as to what looks good together.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. You asked a few questions –
    1. a speed limiter is some gadget on the accelerator of the car which stops it from going over a certain speed. If I’d know how fast HB was driving the shock would have probably made me give birth then and there. As it was, I was just concentrating very hard on NOT having a baby in the car.

    2. Yes, “bubs” is another word for baby. Its a shorten version of “bubby”. My HB used to always say, when I was pregnant, “When bubs arrives….” Used to crack me up as it conjured up images of baby turning up on the doorstep with a ready packed suitcase and some story about how long her flight was delayed!

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