6 thoughts on “Meet Furs

  1. Oh Madeline is drooling over those little things. I am not sure how many years I will be able to put her off. Keep us posted about how easy little Furs is to take care of.

  2. Awww!! I love it! I’ve wanted to get a guinea pig for a long time, but my husband has always said no. I think it’s because he doesn’t like things that are fun. Or cute. Or soft. 🙂 I kid. But I really do want a guinea pig!!

  3. ha! so you still got the fish to?! i always think guinea pigs are so cute- but our dog would think he looked good too- for hunting and eating. (he’s a terrier). also- i heard guinea pigs are emotionally “needy”- i heard they can even cry if they get lonely- no chance of that with your girls around, i’m sure!


  4. So far, Furs is super easy to take care of! She is literally a handful, but will get a lot bigger. She’s only a few months old. Brielle loves her so much, I’m a bit afraid she will love her to death!

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