Meet Belle

Come with me, let’s go see our new dog!
We’ll hold hands for safety. You’ll love her. She’s a six month old yellow lab.
And then, let’s run away laughing hysterically.
It’ll be so fun!

We’ve had her for two days now, and she seems to be adjusting to the Farm Fresh Life pretty well. She certainly is a sweetie.

Now we just need to train her, so she listens to me. She listens pretty well to male voices, but doesn’t seem to even hear mine. Kevin said it must be just my voice, that’s why he doesn’t “hear” me too.

Also, she needs to stop playing “Keep Away” with the girls’ shoes and hats. That would be annoying at any time, but imagine trying to corral a naughty puppy who is taunting you with a sandal in her mouth just out of arms reach, with a big belly throwing you off balance!
Please don’t try to picture that.
I have an image to maintain here.

7 thoughts on “Meet Belle

  1. Is she your first dog? She looks like our new dog (but she’ll be 2 in a few months). It’s been 2 weeks since we got her, all is going okay. She seems a bit depressed, though, last week she was eating great and this week she has little appetite, maybe it’s just the heat? We don’t have AC.

  2. What a beautiful lab! She’s just precious. I agree with Life at the Circus; I can’t imagine undertaking a new puppy at 9 months pregnant. You’re Wonder Woman!

  3. Getting a dog right before having a baby. Wow, I’m impressed, I on the other had could not do such a thing 🙂

    (Oh, but I could move to a completely different state where I know no one 🙂

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