Man. The more knowledge I get, the less trustful I am of the medical establishment at large.

There is so much money involved, it’s hard to know where an individual doctors well meaning good intentions end and the pocket being lined with pharmaceutical handouts begins.
There is without a doubt an Old Boy Club that excludes anyone who speaks out against the way doctors practice.
There is a fierce defensiveness that pops up whenever someone questions a decision or recommendation made by an MD.
There is a punitive attitude that doctors hold if someone chooses their own instincts, information, education, and heart over their opinion.
Books by doctors who see the inside tale every day back up my own observations and conclusions.
The more informed I become, the more I want to stay away from doctors altogether.
**please note, traditional medicine has its place.
When Aviana was born, I was preeclamptic, and the Caesarean I underwent at 34 weeks likely saved both our lives.
When Aviana had appendicitis, (if you read the link, scroll to the bottom, click on ‘older posts’ and start at the bottom) I am VERY glad we have the opportunity “to go to the doctor”, and her surgery may very well have saved her life. **
It should also be noted that the only reason she was able to get surgery in the first place is that I trusted my own instincts and research and heart that something was very wrong, because the doctor sent me home.**

4 thoughts on “Medicine

  1. I agree. My doctor really gets irritated with me because I tend to go to him for specific things and won't let him run tons of unnecessary tests.


  2. I Totally agree with you. They say ignorance is bliss but the more I learn about the medical world and how to care for my family at home the more I am thankful to Escape ignorance! I am currently writing a book for Christian maternity care providers (Inspired Birth) and in it I have a chapter devoted to the financial aspect of birth. Fascinting things I learned in researching the material, wow!

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