Maternity Portraits

My friend Kylee came over and we played photo studio. It was great fun, in between chasing children. I’ll try to post some of my faves here, but the add photo link doesn’t seem to be working today. In the meantime, you can look at them here, under ‘watch mama grow’

I seriously thought my water broke last night- and maybe it did. I was lying in bed and felt this little {pop}, and then {pfffft}, and it was definately nothing else. I had a few contractions, and my back felt all crampy like menstrual cramps, but I was able to go to sleep. I was up a couple times in the night, but able to sleep well the rest of the night. The pressure and pain on my pelvis is as fierce as ever. I haven’t had any contractions this afternoon yet, which is good because Aviana’s birthday party is in 2 1/2 hours. I’m so excited about the fun games I have planned!

Kevin’s all “Take it easy or you’re going to end up having that baby!” Well– isn’t that the point?

I’ll be sure to tell you all about our first two year old birthday party!

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