Mason jar pets

Kevin and Aviana caught a wooly caterpillar. He was all black which means we will have a harsh, cold and snowy winter. (Normally they are brown and black-the more black, the harsher the winter will be, according to folklore.) The Farmer’s Almanac concurs with the caterpillar. We put him in a Mason jar with leaves, grass, a stick and a raspberry, covered the top with wax paper and poked holes in it. After two days, he wasn’t there and the wax paper was ripped. Apparently, there’s a caterpillar running amok somewhere in my house, which I don’t even want to think about. Maybe he will go join the crickets in the cellar.

So next we caught this lovely toad.
Aviana wasn’t quite as interested in him- although she did want to take him with her to story hour. I wasn’t about to catch live flies for him, like Kevin thought I should, so after starving him for two days, I let him go.

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