Uncle Phil: on Marriage

You know how you sometimes get popcorn stuck between your teeth? And it’s bugging you and bugging you and you can’t get it out? And you really like popcorn and just because you get a kernel stuck between your teeth doesn’t mean you like it any less or that you’ll never eat it again. It’s just annoying for that time until you get the kernel out from between your teeth, then your love affair with popcorn resumes! Imagine that times 1000 and that’s what 30 years of marriage is like!

(My 2 year old is my annoying popcorn kernel right now. After a long discipline filled morning, she snuck outside while I was nursing the baby down. She was supposed to be lying on the bed, but instead she’s lying out in the hammock. She’s quiet and not bothering anyone. But she still disobeyed by going outside without permission. Now I have to go deal with that. Sigh.)

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