Marked Improvement

Aviana blew another IV in the night. I had finally gotten settled and was almost asleep, when her machine started beeping. She had kinked her IV line in her sleep. Ironically, I had just taken a picture of her sleeping because she ended up sideways in the bed, like she does at home. I was so pleased with that, it seemed like a clear sign of improvement, getting back to being a wiggly sleeper.

So now they have to wait for the surgeons to come by. It’s possible they could switch her to different antibiotics she could take by mouth. Or they might decide to put in a pic line, which would involve a sedative, numbing the area and putting a deeper line in her upper arm that somehow curves around…

I’d rather be tied to the ground and let bamboo grow through me than watch her be subjected to more pokes.

On the bright side, she ate all of her cottage cheese for breakfast and a few sips of prune juice, and two bites of scrambled egg. She just mentioned that this computer is like Aunt Connie’s but not exactly, and we had a little conversation about it. Then she started playing with the remote and the buttons on her bed giggling a little as she did so.

And as I was typing, she decided she wanted to reach her movies on the shelf a few feet from her bed. She climbed out of bed almost by herself, walked over there, chose Madeline, and stood by the VCR long enough to rewind the other movie, put in Madeline, and climbed back up into bed, all by herself.


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