Mama’s going to a party! Here’s what I’m wearing:

And here’s what I’m bringing:
Coconut Brownies
1 c butter, softened
2 c sugar (you can halve this and still achieve equal yumminess)
4 eggs (I know where you can get the BEST farm fresh eggs)
1 t vanilla
1 1/2 c white flour
1/2 c plus 2 T baking cocoa
1/2 c flaked coconut

Mix well, bake for 22ish minutes at 350ΒΊ

Why don’t you come to the party too?

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  1. Mc says:

    Jessica, really!! Look at you in your party shoes and whipping up some DELISH brownies….all while 7 months pregnant!!

    You are SUPERWOMAN, I tell ya!

    A big hug for celebrating my 30th with me!! You are one fun Mama!!

  2. nothing makes a mama feel better than putting on girly clothes.

    we have not got the llama yet. He will be shipped next week. I just wanted to take my husband to show him what I purchased πŸ˜‰
    Also, the llama will be staying with my FIL’s new cows 400 m down the road. I have to admit though, that I really really want him at our house. some day.

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