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At MOPS on Tuesday, we had a speaker I really liked. Her topic was near and dear to my heart, and I enjoyed her talk, and got some great ideas. Maybe you will too.

Various Ways to Save Memories

Journal–She kept a journal for each of her four children in which she recorded their pregnancies, birth stories and the day to day moments that fill up our lives, but don’t stick with us unless you write them down. Maybe you’d like to see my journal?

It’s at

Calendar–She recorded the first year of each child’s lives on a calendar–I did this too, but I’m most proud of Cadrian’s since I made it myself. I started working on it before we had decided on his name–it’s weird to look back at that!
Photo books from Shutterfly or other online photo developers
Accordion File Boxes-She suggested you use these to save school work. Just keep the creative and original works.
Video taping

–Get them put on DVD so you can actually watch them. Be sure to tape the every day play, and not just the birthday. We have those little tapes from the camcorder and can only watch them when we hook up the camcorder to the TV. Someone told me if we get a “fire wire” we can transfer them to the ‘puter. We’re going to try that.

Scrapbooking –I love this!! Here are a few of Cadrian’s pages, But I do have many, many others.
Quilt boxes–wrap your baby’s clothes in blue tissue paper (this tip is actually from a fellow MOPS mama) and they won’t fade

To My Daughter with Love is a fill-in-the-blank memory book for a daughter that would make a gorgeous graduation present.

She had a lot of other suggestions as well:

Supply Companies
Exposures (acid free page fillers, photo boxes)
Light Impressions (acid free boxes)

Devotionals-great for dinnertime

A Faith to Grow On
365 Manners Kids Should Know
Taming a Liger (If you liked Napolean Dynamite, spiritual)
The Intellectual Devotional (subjects broken into days)

Adolescent Books-These are good to each read individually and then discuss

Preparing for Adolescence-Dr. Dobson
Every Young Man’s Battle-also has workbooks

Good Read Alouds for the Young-Summer Reading Books Chapter a Day)
Boxcar Children
Farmer Boy-Laura Ingalls Wilder
The Moffats-Estes

I have a lot more to add to this list, but Kevin is waiting to watch a movie with me…

Other ways to make memories with your Kids
For Birthdays offer a birthday party or dinner alone with Dad and Mom
Pray every morning before school
Travel/Vacations-can make great memories, even close trips)

How about you?
How do you make memories? How do you preserve them?
I know you are all so creative, I can’t wait to read your suggestions!

7 thoughts on “Making Memories

  1. I wish I had thought of this for Natalie, but for Kaitlyn and CJ for their first birthdays I had everyone contribute a memory or piece of wisdom they would like to share for them to look at later in life. For CJ I actually made it a time capsule. Natalie now is upset that I didn’t do the same for her so since she turns 10 this year I’m going to do a time capsule for her too. We’re not opening CJ’s until his 16th birthday. Maybe I’ll make Natalie’s her 21st birthday.

  2. I love all of these ideas!! I started my blog as a way to preserve memories. I think you can get them made into a book but I haven’t checked into that yet. I was hoping to maybe print one for each year. I try to create things that will become tradition like pajamas and books for Christmas Eve, birthday parties, taking pictures by the same tree on the first day of school etc. I used to scrap but have been out of it for so long I’m not sure I could ever catch up. I love your calendar that you made 🙂 I would say you are doing an awesome job of creating and preserving memories for your kids. Keep it up!!!

  3. I’ve done scrapbooks and baby books for each of the kids. I have a mother to daughter journal for pink and a separate notebook where I’ve written letters to her. I haven’t done a journal for Buddy though. Your calender is really cool!

  4. Love all of these ideas, Jessica. I do a lot of the same things (minus the scrapbook – Julia’s is still only completed through 11 months) But I do take a picture of each of them w/ this giant bear named Freddy when they come home from the hospital, and then every month in the same outfit. Kind of fun to watch them grow that way! I take LOTS of videos too – and our camera records onto DVD’s – it’s one of the girls’ favorite things to watch!

  5. Thanks for the book suggestions! You know me…always looking for another good book to read! And of course I liked the other good ideas, too. I have one of my own but I'll wait & blog it.

  6. I have journals that I started with each pregnancy (even the ones I miscarried). I write more during pregnancy than I do as they get older because I just blog the rest!

    Umm— I did scrapbook but haven’t done it in quite some time. Just not motivated and I have a TON (hundreds) of pictures to order.

    So I’m a little unorganized with it all right now. Maybe when it warms up I’ll be able to get into it again!

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