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**Library Tips** I usually start off with a list of books on a theme, such as right now we are doing Spring. I hop on-line, put several on hold, wait for the email telling me they are in and then I just have to stop by and pick them up when I’m on my way home. I find book lists at the website from which I glean a ton of super-duper preschool ideas, the lists at Amazon, and from other blogs. These give me a great starting point, and then Amazon always gives more recommendations that I usually end up checking into as well.

We used to do a Library Day when they had story hour, but it seems to be overtaken by rude and unruly children, and I think my girls get a lot more out of the one-on-two snuggle factor of just me reading to them.

We have a library cabinet in which we keep all our books. We hardly ever misplace one, unless, perhaps, just as an example, a mischievous child might hide one under a couch cushion. Having a “spot” really helps us!

More tips and WONderful book recommendations can be found at one of the sweetest mamas on the ‘net.

**Amazon Subscription**I get diapers delivered. It doesn’t cost any more than buying them at the store, and it’s one less thing that I have to load into the van after a trip to the store. We have also tried getting other things we use a lot of, such as Cottonelle and Bounty delivered, but we have a harder time figuring out when we need more to sign up for the subscription plan. Although, I’m not doing too hot knowing when to order diapers either!

Right now I have two diapers left, and our next shipment isn’t supposed to arrive until tomorrow! I guess I’ll be putting Brielle in cloth diapers when she gets up from her nap.

**Your turn!** Please, please, won’t you make my life easier?

Thanks ever so!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    wow! thanks for making my life easier! I have been following you since your article in country magazine. thanks so much,From Ky.

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