Make Me Laugh Monday

I love a little satire in the morning.

I think this clip is funny. I’ve watched this several times and am still laughing out loud every time. The subject matter, though, is not. I read a heart wrenching book written by a child soldier and the lives those children lead is no laughing matter. It’s tragic and purposeless. It’s horrific and totally inconceivable to me, a farmer’s wife in middle America, to most of us here in the cotton candy USA.

I do hope you came laughing. I hope you leave thinking.

8 thoughts on “Make Me Laugh Monday

  1. I was horrified after watching “Blood Diamond”. I had heard of child soldiers but this movie really hits home. So sad.

    The clip is funny, though. I love satire.

  2. My mouth fell open and I listened in stunned disbelief Funny? absolutely and totally ridiclous!! What are they thinking!!How very sad for children to have to live in such conditions. Let us all pray to our Saviour that our children will never have to face such such as this. Thank you for sharing this. God Bless you.

  3. This was very funny! Did you read the ticker at the bottom of the “newscast” too? The one about the new drug to ease the anxiety of people who are afraid to take new drugs??!! ha ha ha ha!!!

  4. Does make you think.. I know myself, I am so self absorbed in my American culture that I pay little attention to these atrocities in other countries. Thanks for making me think? I agree satire can be a good tool. Those poor little kids!

  5. The Onion always takes things to the limit.

    This one is so spot-on in making fun of network news it hurts!

    It is heartbreaking about the children.

  6. The Onion is so perfectly-pitched in its satire. My favorite bit is the line about how “it will cost money to put guns in the hands of our children; we need to start with more shooting ranges in schools.” Like *The Daily Show*, this is such a great way to point out what we otherwise take for granted, as well as the ways we ourselves can be ridiculous at times.

    Have you ever read The Onion newspaper (where all this originated)? Screamingly funny!

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