The Magic House..and some other stuff

If you like to see how we’ve changed in the last year and a half, here is our first trip to The Magic House, when I was just barely pregnant with Cadrian.

We love St. Louis, but we only stayed there one night. We stayed at the Drury Inn and had a marvelous time (despite the gross fat self-tatooed guy in the pool who showed up wearing this tee shirt. How proud his wife must be.) and the brunch was scrumptious.

I wanted to go to H&M to find baby boy some bigger clothes, and so we navigated our way to the mall. Kevin and I nearly got into a fight trying to figure out how to get there–actually, we didn’t. A few years ago, we would have. Probably a big one. That would have completely ruined the rest of the day. I’m not even kidding.

Both of us tired. Long trip. Loud kids. Tense with traffic and construction and closed roads and unfamiliarity. Yada yada yada. I’m so in awe of what God has done in both of us.

Wouldn’t you know this H&M didn’t have children’s clothes, but I did find some good deals for our 12 month wearing six month old regardless. Aviana was disappointed there was no play area in the mall, but agreed the gigantic fountain more than compensated for it.

Do you think the way home from vacation always takes longer than the way there? I sure do. It took us about seven years to get from St. Louis to Peoria to stop by my cousins’ for too short a visit. Then it took about 12 more years to get home.

But. Now that we’ve been home for almost a week, I think we are recovered and pretty much back to normal.

At least as normal as things get around here, anyway.

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  1. We live 3 hours from St Louis. We go there about 2-3 times a year. We love the magic House. We are actually going for a day or two in April…..and the zoo of course.

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