Love Letter

I entered a contest over at The Renegade Farmer. Here’s my entry:

I love our farm because it’s a fantastical place to bring up our four children. Where else could they run naked in the yard, cover themselves with mud, wash a tractor with the hose, catch a toad or several, follow a bee or have “tea” under a willow?
I love farm living because it’s gentle. We witness bringing baby calves into the world, hold tiny helpless chicks in our hands, or nuzzle mewling kittens steps from our front door.
I love farm life because it’s slower. Living out in the country means I have a convenient excuse to not have our children in Girl Scouts, piano lessons, skating lessons, soccer, or any of the other ‘good things’ that over involve families and steal time away from their core.
I love living on a farm because it’s more healthful. On a good day, I could go pick the tomatoes, lettuce and spinach for the salad, grill a home raised steak, fry up potatoes from the root cellar and drink wholesome raw delicious milk. That level of perfection still is a fantasy, but the possibility for it to be reality is there, and tangible.
I love living on the farm because we are witness to the life cycles. Our babies are bred here, born here, grow up here and hopefully will live here after we’re gone. The children see the eggs in the hens’ nests, pet the baby chicks, watch them grow and change, and after they aren’t good layers anymore, eat home made, sumptuous chicken noodle soup, and know that’s how it is.
And most of all, I love my farm because it’s where my family is. And being with my family is my favorite thing of all, and makes me truly happy. And I really like to be happy.

Jessica is wife to a fifth generation farmer. They and their four kiddlets live in a 160 year old farm house which is in a constant state of renewal and deconstruction. They raise Gelbvieh cattle, random breeds of chickens, and grow corn, hay, wheat, and soybeans as well as several failed gardens. (There’s always next year!) In addition to her family, Jessica enjoys knowing God, reading, baking, learning, writing, and chocolate.

4 thoughts on “Love Letter

  1. You said exactly what I would say about living in the country. I just absolutely love it! I grew up in rural Iowa. Not on a farm but next door to my grandparents farm. My husband and I live on a small farm now with our three daughters. We raise a few cattle along with producing hay and corn on our small acreage. I love that my girls get to experience country life and the fun (and challenges)that comes along with it and know that milk comes from a cow, not the grocery store.

  2. Beautiful post about some of the things I am trying to incorporate into my little slice of country within the city limits of our small town..a country farm (of some capacity) and old farm house is something we pray God has planned for us someday!

  3. I look forward to going to the backyard to pick something to eat for lunch, too…salad, tomatoes, maybe onions and potatoes…soon!!!

    I wish you all the best in the contest!

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