Lots to say, so little time…

I don’t know what I’ve been doing lately (it certainly hasn’t been laundry or blogging) but I am not finding a lot of free time.

I do have to mention this book I’ve been reading (when I’m nursing, which is a good enough reason not to wean–a ready made excuse to sit down!) called Voices of the Faithful. It is meant to be a daily devotional, but I am just reading as much as I can in one swallow. Not only is it voiced from those who are faithful to God, but it is just as much about His faithfulness to us.

My mission field may not include encounters with voodoo priestesses or reaching the Islam world for Christ, but it is every bit as important and every bit as challenging. I am in just as much need as God’s strength, power, and grace (OH YES, I need Your forgiveness!) as the international missionaries whose stories compile into this book. This can’t miss read will stretch you, no matter where on your Journey you are.

One thought on “Lots to say, so little time…

  1. You are doing life…

    This book sounds really good. I could use a little broadening and stretching of my world/perspective right now. I read a book that sounds similar to yours and it really turned my world upside down. Thanks for the head’s up.


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