Looking on the bright side

I had TWO door to door salesmen stop by today. I live in the country, people, shouldn’t I be immune from that?

But no. Clearly no distance clause.

Some girls said they’d clean the carpet one room of my house, just for taking a look at their wares.

You want to clean for me? For free? Come on in.

I’m nice like that.

When I realized they were selling Kirbys I told them I already have one, but it didn’t matter. They were just glad to get in the door.

One girl stayed and showed me how grimy my floor is while I nursed, surreptitiously checked facebook, and kept an eye on my girls, who were watching the dirt demo with rapt attention. You’d think they’d never seen anyone vacuum before.

While they were thus occupied, and just after I had gotten Cadrian to sleep, someone else came to door. (Baby wake up!) This guy was trying to sell me supplemental health insurance for cancer, heart attack and stroke. When I explained to him about Samaritan Ministries–the share program we do in lieu of health insurance–I had him begging for more information and leaving almost promising a referral.

How do you like that? He came to the door trying to sell insurance, but left with something bigger in his hands.

The Kirby people came and went…they worked as a team apparently so I had four people through my revolving door of “promising prospect”. I was hard nosed though and did not cave even when he offered me the new vacuum at supposedly whole sale.

The girls missed their quiet time/naps. I missed lunch. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS of my day was spent watching, conversing, listening, agreeing with and just generally being nice to these people.

Four. and. a. half. hours!

On the bright side, they did tell me my house was the cleanest they’ve been in. I don’t care if they were lying to try and get a sale.

And my sweet was quite entertained by the soapy side show that is sales.

And the carpet looks great.

9 thoughts on “Looking on the bright side

  1. You are much better than myself! I would have given the door knockers a mean look that could scare tigers away. And of course, someone would probably be screaming! Yay on the clean carpet! and YAY on someone seeing the brighter side of life and knowing what he has is NOT the best! teheheh! ADORABLE pics!

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