Little Tot Cuss A Lot

Brielle is quite the little entertainer. A lot of the time it’s intentional, but quite frequently it’s totally inadvertant.

We have a bench at our breakfast nook. When both of the girls want to help me bake or cook at the same time, we drag it over to the prep area so they can both reach the counter. Brielle helps with the dragging, emphatically saying throughout the whole process, “B!+ch! B!+ch! B!+ch!”

Being only one year old, she still needs to be held and carried when she’s out of sorts, or just needs some reassurance. It’s hard to remember, because she is so independent and can do so many things for herself. She reminds me to hold her when she needs it though, by following me throughout the house, tugging at my jeans, loudly commanding, “Wh*re! Wh*re! Wh*re!”

4 thoughts on “Little Tot Cuss A Lot

  1. This is really funny! BTW- I enjoyed reading your post about the conversation re: home births. Isn’t it a miracle the human race survived this far by home births? 🙂

  2. Cute. One time on the way home from church one of my girls (she was about 5) ask Pap if he would turn down the “D” radio-I thought I would die-but Pap just laughed.

    Your girls are so pretty!

  3. OMG that is a crack up.

    Hope you find a BETTER cleaning lady.

    I’m shocked your MIL tried to change your mind about home birth… wait a sec I’ve got one of those too, so on second thought I’m not shocked.
    I know several people who had home births and everything turned out just fine:)

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