A little help please…

Welcome to the Farm Fresh Home. This is the main entrance into our home. I would like it to look more like this a majority of the time, with little more style– a la Pottery Barn or at least a JC Penney catalogue.
But this is what I usually walk into.

It’s partly their fault.

But mostly hers.

Don’t let her fool you. She’s not all sugar.
So what are your suggestions for making my porch look good and still be functional? Ideas that the girls can use themselves.

Keep in mind that in the closet, I have a bin with hats and mittens, and today I walked out to find them all dumped out so Brielle could use the bin to give the kitty a ride. I need lock box functionality that’s still accessible.

I know it’s a lot to ask, but that’s why I’m asking you–You’re good and creative like that. I love you guys!

15 thoughts on “A little help please…

  1. Consider yourself “tagged” for Keeping-it-real….see my blog for pics (what I saw here looked like you did a mini-version)! I should take a pic of what it looks like next to our door!!!

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping by my place!

    Maybe use a knotted bag nailed to the inside of your closet to hold the stuff…? Or nail a wicker basket a little higher up, so she cant reach it ?

  3. Well, I am not one to offer help here as our entry way often looks like that or worse. Cute kittens, by the way!! Do you have a shoe rack or one of those things that hangs in the closet you can stick the shoes in? That might help… keeping the kids shoes towards the bottom so they can reach. (of course at my house we keep my daughters shoes in our van b/c she never keeps them on anyway)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting this weekend!!! You made my day!!

  4. I have plastic bins inside our closet, one for each girl’s shoes. Even Lulu can put away her own shoes. Helps with the clutter! Also, we have a coat rack that makes it easier for me to get that stuff out of the way!!!

    Cute picture of Brielle – pretty sugary!

  5. ooo.

    1. i’d paint the entry a new color, just to change it up and inspire you.

    2. i’d totally get bins higher up. can you fit one of those closet organizers (the kind that attatches to a hanger and hangs vertically with like, six compartments? then, she couldn’t pull them out, and you could only fill the top ones, so there’s nothing crazy to pull out by the floor. i think they’re only like $15 at walmart. or, you could try an shoe organizer that hangs, too, with a pair of gloves or hat in each compartment, so you can see everything all the time, instead of the other option…

  6. How about leaving a basket out for Brielle to play with when she wants? A hanging shelved organizer might work to keep the stuff out of Brielle’s reach but still accessible.

  7. Oh my goodness, don’t ask me. We all take our shoes off at the door and it looks like 30 people live in our house. About every 2 weeks I haul all the shoes back to the proper bedrooms and about 2 days later we are back where we started. I would like to have a nice big shoe shelf, but there is no space for that, so I just don’t look at the pile. 🙂

  8. OH the shooza palooza–we have such a problem on our back/porch mud room. How can three children have so many shoes? When you live on a farm, you have town shoes/farm shoes, mud boots, snow boots, crocs, sandals, flip-flops, normal boots, etc. It’s disgusting! I’m mentally strapped for what to do to solve my problem, much less yours! I did totally scrub out my back porch before we left for vacation, washed and put all the winter gear (hats/gloves/mittens/coats/coveralls/snowboots) upstairs in the attic for summer storage (and to make it look less cluttered on the back porch!! That feels so good. However, we usually keep those things in a big antique dresser on the porch. A dresser I’ve been refinishing since last summer. (yeah.) But it’s handy to have a drawer for mittens/gloves, a drawer for hats, a big bottom drawer for outdoor blankets (picnic anyone?)…

    We don’t have a closet out there, and all the walls have windows so no place for hooks. Methinks I’m in a bigger pickle than you are! 😉

    Good luck, and if you figure out a fix, be sure to take pics and show us your solution!

  9. Hi There! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love your entrance, lots and lots of shoes, what could be better? Haha! Girls are great, what a blessing!

  10. Thanks for making me ponder a solution as I have a similar problem, though my entry is my kitchen. You made me blog though! So check my blog and I’ve got a link to something that might interest you.

    I’ll try and do your It’s real life thing. As long as you don’t laugh, like I said my house is a mess! If I don’t do it just poke me. :o)

  11. Found you through McMommy and oh my God, what a cute kid you’ve got. So sweet I’ve got a toothache. I’m in for the Real Life Thursday, hope it’s okay for a newbie to participate…

  12. I’d suggest a bench/toybox combo for shoes. (seat lid lifts) Then you have somewhere to sit when putting on your shoes too. They look nice too! I want one. 🙂

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