A little craftiness

I saw someone online selling these bow holders for like, $30. I said to myself, $30!?! No freaking way! I’m not paying $30.

So Kevin cut me some wood. I painted some names and polka dots, put some little stick-on bling for good measure and then I stapled some ribbon to the back.

Now we have a bow holder that was like, free.

(I know it wasn’t really, but I’m counting it as free because I didn’t have to buy a single thing for this project; it was all already on hand. Let me live my little fantasy.)

11 thoughts on “A little craftiness

  1. That’s really cute. Maybe you could start a business. Gosh, if someone else thinks they can get $30 for that and you managed to make it for almost free think of the profit you could make ;). Now will your girls keep their bows on the bow holder? My youngest (6 almost 7) wouldn’t. She is always moving her barrettes into something else and then forgetting where she put them. I can’t even get her to remember when she pulls clothes out of her drawer to find something to wear to put them away or to even put her daughter clothes in the laundry basket right in her room. I can remind her to do it right before she changes, but somehow they end up scattered all over the floor. And dirty clothes have ended up in her drawers even. It’s a never ending cycle. So while this is a great idea and something very cute I don’t think even that would work in my house to keep all those hair ties in one place :(.

  2. Those bow holders are so cute! A friend of mine made one for her girls awhile back and I loved it when I saw it – no idea they sold them (especially for $30!!}, I just thought she was extremely crafty haha.

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