Life with Littles.

I’m still pondering this exchange.

I went somewhere with all three children. I know, no big surprise there, I go a lot of places with all three children.

We had a long day. Cadrian has been a feverish, fussy velcro baby all week. The girls were coming off of a grandma-high, and Brielle, especially does not detox well. Suffice it to say a huge tantrum at the library ending in the van (through torrents of rain) was the start of a loooooooooong day.

So, at the end of the day, while out with said little darlings, I ran into someone I know. She has grown children of her own, and grandchildren my kids’ ages. We’ve had conversations at different times when we’ve been at the same function, but I wouldn’t say I “know” her.

She asked me how I was.
I said, with a grin, “Just trying to stay sane.”
She didn’t really smile, but I guessed it wasn’t all that funny.
Chit chat chit chat.

Then much later, as we were leaving, she said, “They sure do keep you busy, don’t they?”

I’ve got Brielle, who ended up with rivulets of chocolate milk all over her, by the hand, Cadrian, who’s spotty from the roseola, and a little muddy from the mulch, on my hip, and Aviana, who’s at least clean, and still talking non-stop, in front of me.

I laughed and said, “Yeah, that sanity comment earlier, I wasn’t really joking.”
(Even though I was, and this statement was another joke. Anyone who knows me would know this. I mean, YOU know it, right?)
She looks at me seriously, and says, in a reprimanding voice, almost crossly, “That’s life with little children.”

Um. Yeah. I kno–ow!

“It’s good though. I love it!” I respond in wonder, just wanting to get out of there. I still feel a little embarrassed, but I don’t think I did anything wrong.

But maybe it didn’t come out as light hearted as I meant for it to. Or maybe she didn’t approve of the fact I was letting my baby play in the mulch earlier. Or maybe she didn’t like it that I was letting my child and another child sit on the lion statues. Or maybe…Or maybe she just doesn’t want any insane stay at home moms streaking naked across the county…

Whatever. That’s life with little children.

6 thoughts on “Life with Littles.

  1. I have experiences like that all the time. I totally understand what it is like. Once I had three kids I started getting the "serves you right for having so many kids" attitude if one little thing went wrong in public or if I said anything about having a hard time. You can't imagine some of the comments we get now when we take four kids out. I have learned to save my reality comments for people that are going to understand that sometimes the greatest blessings in life come with a whole lot of work.

  2. I am with Michelle; now that I have 3 I do get that 'what did you expect attitude?' occasionally….although most times I am rewarded glorious empathy and wide smiles as I bumble through life with my littlies.

  3. and it is. sometimes all is right with the world and our children are clean and well mannered and sometimes… not. i pray to stay sane every day. just about every day. i think you handled it well, you didn't do a thing wrong.

  4. I was out that same day in that crazy rain with all three girls. Went to Panera, playdate, DMV….if someone would have saw me, I could have said the exact same thing. I LOVE what I do, but there are times when the ride gets pretty wild! You are a great Mom, Jessica. We just need to run into each other & exchange the crazies!

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