Life with Kids

Generally two sodas a day to remain awake and peppy. Comforting Casseroles a must- quick, easy & homemade. I made yummy “Chicken Hot Dish” for lunch, and made a marinade for steak to grill out for dinner. Random pink striped baby sock.
Basic footwear. Stained jeans from painting when I was transitioning weights after having Aviana, not realizing I would need them again. Silly me!
Helpful reading material and the toilet from Aviana’s dollhouse.
A sleeping baby. One sock on, and one sock off, accompanied by Chickie, Rascal, Lambie and the Thanksgiving turkey stuck in the siderails.
Our unmade bed and messy side tables. I haven’t really had two hands free without a baby in the wrap all day to remake it, which with a king sized bed, is a massive task, but not as hard as when I was pregnant. I’m sure it’ll get done before we get to bed. Humidifier.

A ladder for sink access, the wet washcloths Aviana was playing with earlier, her potty chair & Brielle’s tub.
Oh the mess she can make!
The dining room temporarily converted into a folding/drying arena. Note the swing in the foreground. I could not live without it!!
My silly babies. Aviana thought it would be fun to put her legs inside Brielle’s pant legs. Apparently, she was right.

Utter goofiness!
The piles and piles of laundry. Lord, meet me in the laundry room!(But I’m not getting up any earlier!)
I got the clean dishes put away, but never got around to getting the dirty ones in the dishwasher. Thank God we have a dishwasher!
Grandiose unhappiness. Babies and bumbos and penguin friends on the counter. That’s our new oven in the background. This is Aviana’s second outfit because Claudia, our outdoor kitty pooed on her. It’s Brielle’s third outfit because she spit up on one, pooed on the other, and I dropped a chocolate chip between us while she was in the wrap and it melted.
The best part of life with kids!

3 thoughts on “Life with Kids

  1. Aw, what a great post and so refreshingly honest! I loved the picture walk-through, and all the quilts! I have a double wedding ring quilt in my LR, similar to yours in your DR.

    I love your kitchen cabinets, pretty! But my dishwasher is full of clean dishes needing put away, and the sink is at least half full this morning, sooo…guess what I should be doing! ha.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thank you!

    Once upon a time, I thought I would like to make quilts. Never happened. I will take credit for getting my grandma interested in quilting though!

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