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We almost always go to Story Hour on Friday. It’s just our “thing”. I love our library, and our librarians, and making friends at the library, and chatting up little old ladies at the library, and the resources the library offers, and BOOKS.

I love books. Really I do.

Recently read:

Anthony DeStefano contacted me about reviewing his book, This Little Prayer of Mine. Always glad to read a new author (new to the children’s book scene anyway, and as Richard Scarry says, “The best authors write children’s books), and post an honest review, I agreed to check it out.

Am I ever glad I did!

This book, written in non-annoying rhyme, (and have you noticed, rhyme sometimes can be very. annoying.? It takes skill to make rhyme enjoyable.) is a prayer of a small-ling child.

The child talks to God honestly about every little thing, every detail that God cares about. It’s astounding to me that God knows how many hairs are on your head. Do YOU even know how many hairs are on your head? Would you care to find out? And yet, God knows.

I digress.

Big things are also prayed about–making sound choices, asking forgiveness, feeling afraid, being thankful.

Just like we can talk with God about the big things (Please God, let her get better, let her live!) and the little things (Oh God, thank you that Curious George comes on at five!), we can teach our children to do so as well.

Speaking of libraries, and we were, weren’t we? This is a book that you need to add to your personal library. I know you’re teaching them to pray by just how you live your life, and by your example, but isn’t it nice to have other resources reinforce your values?

The Waiting Child is an amazing, powerful book. It tells the true tale of Jaclyn, adopted at the age of three and a half, from China, and her force of personality and relentless pursuit of bringing home “her baby”, the little boy that she took care of in her orphanage.

Since Jaclyn was old enough to talk about her experience in the orphanage, the book shed light on the lives of children waiting for their forever families.

I was deeply moved by so many aspects of this story.

Whether adoption is something personal to you, or something not even on your radar, you need to get hold of this book, and let it get hold of your heart.

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