So what have I been doing lately?

Reading some books.
Sewing some pants.
Compulsively checking facebook to see who comments on my stuff.
Taking some pictures.
Embroidering some doll faces.
Buying a My Child doll for Brielle–only the only one I could afford is naked, so I have to learn how to make doll clothes.
Dedicating the baby to God.
Searching for matching Christmas Day outfits for the girls.
Searching for matching Christmas Day outfits for the boys. (no luck)
Having some fun!
Writing and copying the Christmas letter.
Cutting some hair.
Learning how to make a Waldorf doll.
Bossing the kids around.
Making some truffles.
Eating a lot of them.
Joining a gym.
Actually going.
Keeping people out of trouble.
Most of the time.
Putting up some Christmas trees.
And listening to Christmas music, among other things.

5 thoughts on “lately

  1. Sounds like you've been busy doing all kinds of great things. I confess, I tend to compulsively check for comments on my blogs. Glad to help you out on that one by leaving a comment! 🙂 I just love those first two pictures.


  2. It sounds very blessed! You and I have very similar lives and days! We differ only in that I don't have a gym membership, nor a Facebook account…the first because I could never leave the house to use it, and the latter because I swore I'd never join, and I'm sticking to it until I'm the last person in the US without a page, LOL!

  3. Totally loving Brielle's haircut! She looks so adorable and it really fits her personality. Love your family photo too! I am sure I would love your truffles too! You do know I'm kidding! Hope to see you all soon!

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