It seems like nothing interesting has been going on lately, but still managing to keep me pretty bushed by the end of the day. Here’s the latest from Farm Fresh Jessica.

*Community via Message Boards/Forums–generally, I love them. I visit the Forums on (style), (Alzheimer’s),,, and (natural families–we fall in the middle range there)

*Cleaning–We did a lot of deep cleaning and hands and knees scrubbing yesterday. We being the cleaning twins and me–one of us to entertain the kiddlets and the other two to powerclean. It worked out pretty well.

Although, today at lunch, Kevin said, “It’s amazing; yesterday the kitchen was sparkling and spotless and today it looks like a tornado went through it.” It is an amazing phenomenon really.

*Culling–Got rid of several big boxes of clothes the girls have outgrown. We had our MOPS Swap today, and whatever is left over goes to a wonderful charity. I also got motivated from the last organizational book I read, and listed a ton o’ stuff on Freecycle and Craigslist.

*Cooking–I’m relearning how to cook and bake. I’m focusing on light and lower fat recipes, in keeping with the Weight Watchers guidelines. I am also learning to retrain my taste buds.

Some of the biggest things I’m learning in Weight Watchers are portion control, to plan my snacks (count out 12 chips and put the bag away, instead of eating straight out of the bag to a Cool Ranch Doritos coma), and to pay attention to why I’m eating.

*Cuteness–The biggest thing we are working on with the girls is INTERRUPTING! I taught Aviana the ‘put your hand on me’ technique to let me know she’d like to speak, and that’s almost as annoying as if she’d interrupted. She waits there practically salivating for her turn to get my attention. Kevin says I give them too many chances and am raising them as if the world revolves around them. Whatever the reason, it has gotten ridiculous.

And this little guy is getting huge! I held a friend’s ten month old and I could swear Cadrian weighed more than she did! I wish I were losing as quickly as he’s gaining.

11 thoughts on “Lately

  1. I’ve been so busy battling whining, fighting, complaining and bossing, that I kind of forgot about interrupting as something that should be addresed (until a childless friend was kind enough to point it out to me 😉
    Don’t feel bad. They’ll get it eventually.
    That baby IS cute! And he does look about as big as my 18 month old:) lol…she’s tiny

  2. Oh look at you with your new do and you big little man. 🙂 Those girlies are quite the lookers too.

    On interrupting- I had a counselor once (I was in counseling for post partum depression who told me that teaching my three year old to wait was a gift and I was actually harming her by feeling guilty(because I was nursing/taking time away from her(she was my first)) and giving in to her every whim because needing instant gratification is a personality flaw. That made me feel better aabout sticking to “you need to wait until…”

  3. If there is one thing I could complain about to God it would be why we have to go through so much as women, monthly and pregnancy wise. Why or why couldn’t He have just made it easy to loose weight after each baby?! And as far as everything else you metioned…I’m so in the trench with you. Or are you in the trench with me?! Ha, ha! Great pics…all of them. Wish I could come give that baby a squeeze! I miss mine!

  4. You look awesome. Esp for having a 2 month old. Remember, it’s what, “9 months on, 9 months off”? Your daughters ARE pure cuteness! LOVE that pic of them! Oh, and our kitchen has the same phenomenon. Only it takes ONE MEAL to get awful again. I am learning portion control too, which is great, and to not load up on snacks at night. (when I’m out of points, I’m out!) Oh, and to swap out veggies instead of things that cost more points. It’s really helping change how I think about stuff. (lost 2 pounds last week)

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