Keep a toddler entertained:

Brielle (19 months)was entertained for nearly a half hour this afternoon! We keep our toothpicks in an old cinnamon container. She took them out one at a time like she’s seen me do countless times (you have to invert it just a little, and grab hold of one that presents itself through a hole), put it on the counter, then put them all back in one at a time. Repeat.

After baths, while I was getting dinner on the table, Aviana got into the action as well. They thought of making ‘spiny anteaters’ themselves (probably prompted because they see me check cupcakes and muffins for doneness with a toothpick) with stale rolls.

What are some ways you keep/kept your wee one focused on an activity, so you are free to do something else nearby?

2 thoughts on “Keep a toddler entertained:

  1. Judah LOVES to run the vacuum cleaner. He thinks he’s pretty hot stuff. It actually helps a little too!
    Eve likes to “wash” dishes for me. It keeps her very busy and feeling like she’s a big helper.

    The sewing cards/shapes are great busy work. I also have a bucket of wooden big beads that Judah likes to thread with shoe laces tied in a knot at one end. Many, many necklaces have emerged from that activity.

    What a fun idea with the toothpicks! I think I might have to give Judah another year or so for that one though. I can see him sticking those up his nose etc. 🙂


  2. Lacing beads… just find some old wood beads (big enough that they cannot choke on them!) and a shoestring and VOILA! Instant QUIET!

    When I do laundry I have Elaina hand me each piece of clothing and have her tell me whose it is, what color it is, etc. Then she sorts socks and undies into piles and even tries to fold a few things herself. That keeps her busy as well!

    Other things include finger painting at the table, coloring, bringing out a NEW toy, etc. Mostly I get stuff done during nap-time.

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