Just sitting here

waiting for Kevin, snackin’ on some cheddar Chex mix.

We’re going to go see the new Indiana Jones movie tonight. So looking forward to a date!

My parents spent the day with Aviana, over at my sister’s and at the mall.

We had a friend who now lives in FL come visit today with his grandson, who’s three. At one point, Brielle did her infamous ROAR at him, and about scared him half to death. HE started crying and was pretty shaken up for quite some time. What a brute of a one year old I have!

When he was fully recovered, he told her sternly, “NO MORE GROWLING!”

Then when Brielle went down for her nap, Kevin stretched out on the recliner to have a snooze while I worked on reading my book. Before I knew it, I was asleep too.

What a great way to spend a rainy cold (for MAY!) day!

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